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What to Include in Your Bride’s Father Speech

You have found out from the previous post and also from the first posts of this website that a successful father of the bride speech has to consist of three primary sections: an opening, which has been covered in the preceding article (click here for some speech opening quotes), a body (which will be described in this article) and an ending (which will be the main subject of the next article on this website).

As you may recall from the previous post, in the introductory portion of your oration you should greet, welcome and thank the guests (for attending your daughter’s wedding reception) and also introduce yourself to the audience. While in your speech’s opening you are supposed to welcome all the guests, in the main portion of your father of bride toast you ought to offer a warm welcome to your new son-in-law, i.e. the bridegroom, and you should also express your contentment and gratitude for the fact that he is now a part of your family and also for the fact that your daughter found such a special man.

It would be polite to compliment the groom, without exaggerating, of course. It’s also recommended to congratulate your daughter, i.e. the bride, for finding such a great husband. During the main part of your oration, you should talk about the bride (your daughter). You can describe her, by enumerating her virtues. The body of your father of the bride wedding speech can contain some funny scenes from the period when the bride was a little girl or when she was courted by the groom. You could tell how, when and where the newlyweds met for the first time. This is a good opportunity for including some humor in your wedding toast, without offending anyone, of course.

If you decide to include details about them or about their relationship, you should ask the newlyweds (your daughter, i.e. the bride, and even her new husband, i.e. the groom) to see if they like and agree with your ideas. Consulting your wife, i.e. the bride’s mother, is another good thing to do while creating your father of the bride speech, because you must coordinate your speech with hers, in order to make sure that you won’t tell the same things (at least not in the same way), if she intends to deliver her own toast at your daughter’s marriage reception.

Another perfect occasion for entertaining the attendees (by joking) is when you offer some recommendations for a happy married life. You can say what lessons you have learned from your own experience (avoid upsetting the bride’s mother) or from your friends. For instance, you might teach the newlyweds to respect each other and to have a lot of patience and understanding. While offering your father of bride toast, you shouldn’t talk too much, because the recommended maximum duration of your oration is five minutes. You should also avoid including too many different ideas, because your toast should have a main theme.

Other topics that you can include in your speech are the following. You might tell, for example, why your daughter (the bride) and your new son-in-law (the bridegroom) are a perfect match for each other. Welcoming the groom’s family into yours is another topic that is suitable for being included in the central portion (the main part, i.e. the body) of your father of the bride speech. If you and your wife have organized the marriage reception (that’s what the wedding etiquette from many regions provide), then you should thank, on behalf of both of you, the persons who helped you to arrange this special private event.

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