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Wedding Speeches – Father of the Bride

Wedding Speeches - Father of the BrideAny oration that has to be delivered at a wedding reception must be short. Any short speech can be viewed as a small composition, like the short essays that all the pupils have to write as school homework. This kind of essays must have an intro, a body and a conclusion. This rule is valid also for the wedding speeches. Father of the bride should also know that this standard structure is not mandatory, he can choose any format that he wants for such a toast. In case you decide to use the traditional structure when creating your oration, you should read this article to find out what are the most important topics that any intro of such a toast should contain.

There are a couple of important things about this first section of your speech that you should know. First and foremost, your intro must be short. In fact, as I told you in the first paragraph of this post, every wedding toast must be short. The wedding speeches for father of bride should last for about five minutes. Given the fact that the first and the last part of a composition must be much shorter than the main (middle) part, it follows that both the intro and the ending of such an oration must have one or two paragraphs each. This means that you can’t afford to include too many ideas in your toast’s opening. In other words, from the topics that will be suggested in the following paragraphs of this post, you should choose only the ones that you like and that you think that are most suitable for your oration.

When it comes to the introduction of a wedding speech, father of the bride should know that this intro can begin in several distinct manners. One of the most common methods of opening a speech consists in greeting the audience. You don’t have to say something very sophisticated; a simple “Hi, everyone!” is as effective as a more formal phrase, like “Good afternoon, family, friends, bride and groom!”.

Welcoming the participants is the next thing that should go in (or another good idea of opening) your oration. If you have no idea about how to formulate this welcoming and greeting, you shouldn’t be concerned about this issue, because the father of the bride wedding speech examples, templates and samples (that you can find in articles on the Internet or in the resource shown on this webpage) contain diverse and numerous manners of formulating the greeting and the welcome.

Several wedding protocols (from various regions) state that the party that celebrates the marriage should be organized by the parents of the bride. If your family decides to follow this rule, then you should offer your speech as a host of this event. This means that it’s mandatory to welcome the wedding guests and to express your gratitude for their decision of joining you and your family in celebrating your daughter’s wedding. Also, among the wedding speeches, father of the bride toast should be the first one that must be given during the reception, if you are the one who organizes this event. If the bride’s mother doesn’t want to deliver a speech, the wishes and some other thoughts expressed in your oration should be told on behalf of both of you, the bride’s parents.

Before welcoming and thanking the attendees, some speakers choose to recite a poem or quote, funny or touching, on a suitable theme (like love or marriage). Telling an appropriate joke is another interesting method of opening a wedding toast. Many jokes (that are suitable for the father of the bride speech) are included in the templates and examples contained in the resource displayed on this webpage.

While you are delivering your toast at the reception, it’s essential that the attendees know who is speaking. At this special event can participate many persons that simply don’t know who you are (for instance, there may be a lot of friends and colleagues of your daugher, the bride, or of your son-in-law, i.e. the bridegroom). That’s why, if there is no presenter or master of ceremony to present you to the audience, you really have to introduce yourself; this presentation should be done even in the opening section of the wedding speeches; father of the bride ought to know that it’s not necessary to present himself directly, because he can specify this when he welcomes or thanks the participants, by mentioning that it’s his daughter’s wedding.


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