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Wedding Speech Tips for the Father of the Bride

So it’s finally come to the stage in your life where your children have grown up, moved out, and now are getting married. It’s an exciting time really, and there’s always a lot of things to think about, however somewhere at the top of that list for the father of bride, will be his speech.

  • The father of the bride speech is always one of the most important speeches, and always one of the most memorable (click here for some memorable speeches). It’ll be the first speech of night, meaning you’re having to welcome everyone to the event. Of course writing speeches can be a daunting task for some, and that’s where I’m here to help. I’m going to give you my guide for writing wedding toasts.
  • In the first part of you’re speech you’re going to want to welcome everyone, and thank them all for being there. Remember to give special thanks to anyone who has traveled a long distance to be at the wedding, as well as anyone who has made any financial contribution towards the wedding. This is very important so make sure you don’t forget it!
  • If you want to add some humor to your speech, then the next part of your speech will be the best place. In this part you’ll want to reminisce over you’re daughters past, as well as when you first met your new son-in-law. If you have a funny, but not too embarrassing story from the past, this would be the perfect opportunity to tell it!
  • After this you’ll want to tell you’re daughter about how proud you are of her, in growing up, and what she has achieved with her life so far. You may also want to welcome your new son-in-law to the family in this part of the speech as well!
  • At the end of your speech you’re going to want to wish the newlyweds all the success in the future, making sure you propose a toast to the happy couple!

And that’s my guide to writing a father of bride speech, although I do have a few hints and tips to help you along your way as well:

  • Always be yourself.
  • Keep the speech between four and six minutes long.
  • Make sure you smile!
  • Always practice in advance to the wedding.

I hope this has helped you, and will have you on the way to writing a perfect father of the bride speech!


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