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How to Give an Outstanding Wedding Speech

It’s the fullness of the wedding season right now and it’s always good to have new and innovative father of the bride speech tips. You can enjoy these tips, make use of them and adapt them as your needs and as your situation demands these elements.

So here are the tips you can use!

1) Talk about accepting the groom

A lot of times we have heard or read amazing father of bride speeches, but none of them or only a few of them seemed to include parts about expressing that you love the groom and you truly accept him as a member of your family and consider him worthy to be your daughter’s husband.

It’s true that speeches do mention these things, but they often fail to put focus on them. You can clearly and openly talk to the groom in the appropriate part of the wedding speech, telling him that you see him and accept him in your heart as if he was your son. It’s very important and a blessing for a young man to hear such things spoken honestly!

2) Let your daughter know how happy you are

A woman is always interested in details. You know that women want to know as many details as possible about all of what is happening around them. You can satisfy this normal and common need of women, by telling your daughter that you are really happy for her. Of course, it’s not enough to say it one sentence, because you need to let her know that you speak things honestly, that what you say is a reality, is deeply within your heart and is truly how you imagine things.

For instance, you can talk about how wonderful you will feel to be the grandfather of your daughter’s children. You can tell her that you will be honored to see her as a proud and happy mother, and that you know how all of these things are possible with the groom. If your daughter hears these things spoken from your mouth, she will probably burst into tears of happiness.

3) Eye contact is important

During your father of the bride speech, you should always keep a focus on how you manifest your eye contact towards the family members and guests. You know how people say that the eyes are the mirror of your soul. This is very true because a lot of people – without any special training on these aspects – can read your emotions and your feelings from your eyes, simply by looking into your eyes.

So, eye contact is after all very important on all levels. Not only will people know how you feel from your eyes, but they will also notice if you speak with boredom, with disrespect or with lack of interest. It’s important to keep eye contact with all your guests, but the family members as well. Try not to look like you would be sad or grumpy – let the happiness flow from your eyes, so that everybody knows that you speak from your heart, with complete happiness for all the things that are happening.

Eye contact is an essential part of the body language. We are people and we use body language daily to communicate our feelings. Knowing this, you can also know that the way you stand up, the way you hold your hands all play an important role in the eye contact part as well. This happens because your look, your eyes give out different messages all the time, based on other parts of your body, basically it’s all based on your overall body language you use during your speech.

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