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What to Include in Your Bride’s Father Speech

You have found out from the previous post and also from the first posts of this website that a successful father of the bride speech has to consist of three primary sections: an opening, which has been covered in the preceding article (click here for some speech opening quotes), a body (which will be described in this article) and an ending (which will be the main subject of the next article on this website).

As you may recall from the previous post, in the introductory portion of your oration you should greet, welcome and thank the guests (for attending your daughter’s wedding reception) and also introduce yourself to the audience. While in your speech’s opening you are supposed to welcome all the guests, in the main portion of your father of bride toast you ought to offer a warm welcome to your new son-in-law, i.e. the bridegroom, and you should also express your contentment and gratitude for the fact that he is now a part of your family and also for the fact that your daughter found such a special man.

It would be polite to compliment the groom, without exaggerating, of course. It’s also recommended to congratulate your daughter, i.e. the bride, for finding such a great husband. During the main part of your oration, you should talk about the bride (your daughter). You can describe her, by enumerating her virtues. The body of your father of the bride wedding speech can contain some funny scenes from the period when the bride was a little girl or when she was courted by the groom. You could tell how, when and where the newlyweds met for the first time. This is a good opportunity for including some humor in your wedding toast, without offending anyone, of course.

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How to Give an Outstanding Wedding Speech

It’s the fullness of the wedding season right now and it’s always good to have new and innovative father of the bride speech tips. You can enjoy these tips, make use of them and adapt them as your needs and as your situation demands these elements.

So here are the tips you can use!

1) Talk about accepting the groom

A lot of times we have heard or read amazing father of bride speeches, but none of them or only a few of them seemed to include parts about expressing that you love the groom and you truly accept him as a member of your family and consider him worthy to be your daughter’s husband.

It’s true that speeches do mention these things, but they often fail to put focus on them. You can clearly and openly talk to the groom in the appropriate part of the wedding speech, telling him that you see him and accept him in your heart as if he was your son. It’s very important and a blessing for a young man to hear such things spoken honestly! [Read more…]