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Because I've got a lot of emails from many of my blog readers asking me to recommend them where to find more speech samples, here's a useful site:

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A few more Father of the Bride Toast Tips

When you are the father of the bride then all the eyes and attention are on you especially when you are holding a mike to speak. It makes you the center of attraction with emotional moments. Actually, Wedding speeches delivered by the bride’s father during wedding events are considered as the most sentimental part of the special day. It has been just about the relationships and memorable moments a father is going to talk about his daughter. The feelings in his heart are going to be expressed with a lot of emotions in a traditional speech. This day brings down tons of memories of you and your daughter’s entire life spent till then. You make her remember how she was the dad’s lovely girl and now grown up to take a big step in life by leaving them alone. You can note some important points to follow on that day.

Follow a certain format to deliver your speech

Everything needs to be planned to express father of the bride speech in a good way. You can make note of some interesting points which are pleased to express before the guest and make the event more humorous and interesting. First of all welcome the guest which is the part of a father to perform in the first lines of the wedding speech. As you are the first speaker of the event, welcome family friends, the groom’s family and other guest. Add interesting words like good additions to make your speech more interesting. [Read more…]