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Wedding Speeches – Father of the Bride

Wedding Speeches - Father of the BrideAny oration that has to be delivered at a wedding reception must be short. Any short speech can be viewed as a small composition, like the short essays that all the pupils have to write as school homework. This kind of essays must have an intro, a body and a conclusion. This rule is valid also for the wedding speeches. Father of the bride should also know that this standard structure is not mandatory, he can choose any format that he wants for such a toast. In case you decide to use the traditional structure when creating your oration, you should read this article to find out what are the most important topics that any intro of such a toast should contain.

There are a couple of important things about this first section of your speech that you should know. First and foremost, your intro must be short. In fact, as I told you in the first paragraph of this post, every wedding toast must be short. The wedding speeches for father of bride should last for about five minutes. Given the fact that the first and the last part of a composition must be much shorter than the main (middle) part, it follows that both the intro and the ending of such an oration must have one or two paragraphs each. This means that you can’t afford to include too many ideas in your toast’s opening. In other words, from the topics that will be suggested in the following paragraphs of this post, you should choose only the ones that you like and that you think that are most suitable for your oration. [Read more…]